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Welcome to MYOS

Mind Your Own School (MYOS) is an Online Student Registration & Management System that streamlines the Application, Registration, Class allocation, Invoicing, Payments, and Reporting in a school or training institute.

MYOS makes it easy to mind your own school easily – without expensive software, servers or setup. The advantages of using an Online Student Management System are manyfold:

  1. Central place to store, review, print and recall all student's registration particulars.
  2. Easy access for all administrators and staff of your school - all you need is an internet connection and a web browser. Use it anytime, anywhere!
  3. Complete Student Information in one place - No messy papers, files, folders and cabinets to store all this information. Whatever you need to know, is at your fingertips.
  4. Integrated with fees collection, attendance marking systems - giving you a quick view of the outstanding amounts, collected amount, classes, attendance etc. in one place.
  5. Generate Invoices, Receipts on the fly, customised with your school logo, address and bank details.
  6. With an improved work flow system, you can create invoices, receive payments, issue receipts, and allocate students into their respective course / class or batch.
  7. Integrated with Online payments for student registration & course fees - integration with PayPal or with WorldPay can be provided if required.
  8. Find students using Class, Name, Identification Number, Residential Number or IC. Find out all about any student with a single click - from class, courses, invoices, receipts, attendance, or results.
  9. A simple and idiot proof system that is used by the school's senior staff, administrators, fees clerks, and teachers alike.

This simple & effective Online Student Management System has been coded using PHP and MySQL at the backend.

With this approach, private schools and training institutes now have a simple, comprehensive and easy to use system for their student registration & school management.

Send an email to us at for a discussion on how this Online School Management System can be used and deployed at your institute, college or school in no time.

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"I really thank Vinai and his team at Brand Rich for creating this wonderful School Management System. The system meets our requirements and we have got it enhanced and customized it for our needs. And the Support is awesome too. We get replies immediately, and any software updates are completed within the week. I have no hesitation in recommending MYOS for your School and Student Management."

Kamini P.,
Managing Director,
Intellisoft Systems

MYOS Benefits


Completely Online system: Can be accessed through a secure login, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.

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MYOS Features


Mind Your Own School (MYOS) is a complete, feature rich student management system to enable you to manage your school easily.

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Contact us


Brand Rich LLP
Mobile: (65) 9877-3485
Office: (65) 6392-4590

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