Benefits of MYOS

MYOS Student Management System is feature rich – so you spend less time in managing the data, and more time in managing your school. A full list of benefits for you and your school.

  • No Hardware or Software to install or invest in.
  • Completely Online system: Can be accessed through a secure login, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Unlimited Users: No limit on the number of users. You can change the passwords, add or delete users as you wish.
  • Greater Security through Access Control: A particular user can view and use only certain menus, allowing you to hide certain function or reports from specific users.
  • Manage multiple locations, multiple teachers, multiple courses, multiple classes, and an unlimited number of students, all from a single login for your school.
  • Single Code Base: We constantly update and upgrade our system. Every time we add new functionality, all users benefit from it immediately.
  • Superior Support from a dedicated team of Developers and Support Staff: An active team of developers and support staff is available during business hours for any support or help. You can call us on phone, Skype or Chat. You can also raise a support ticket, and we will get back to you within one business day.

Send an email to us at for a discussion on how this Online School Management System can be used and deployed at your institute, college or school in no time.

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