Features of Mind Your Own School (MYOS) 

Mind Your Own School (MYOS) is a complete, feature rich student management system to enable you to manage your training institute or school easily.

MYOS has the following functionality for managing your school, centre or academy:

  1. Add or Edit as many Courses or Training Programs as you need.
  2. Add multiple classes for each training course you run.
  3. Enrol students in the school – in any particular class or batch.
  4. Create Invoice for the student. You can add Tax automatically if your school is registered to tax the invoice items. You can remove tax from non-taxable items. Once generated, an invoice can be updated, or printed immediately. With your own school logo, it prints out nicely on a A5 or A4 sized paper.View screenshot of an Invoice here or click on the thumbnail below.
    Screenshot Thumbnail
  5. Receive payments and print official Receipts with the School logo and address. With a uniquely generated serial number, each receipt prints out the amount received, mode of payment, the invoice number and the student particulars clearly.View Screenshot of a Receipt here or click on the thumbnail below.
    Screenshot Thumbnail
  6. Summarized and Detailed Reports are available for all the day to day operations and management reporting/tracking. You can query on Student Enrolment, Daily Collections, Number of Invoices or Receipts generated in a period, and even Inventory Reports at any time. Reports are generated on the fly.
  7. Powerful Find Feature to find Anything – from the student from any personal information – first name, last name, ID, Telephone numbers etc. Similarly, find an invoice by invoice number, student name, ID or by invoice amount, or outstanding amount, or Find a Receipt.

Customization available to make MYOS your own:

  1. Add your own School Logo
  2. MYOS Invoices & Receipts print your school logo, school name and school’s address at the top.
  3. Select if you want to tax individual line items in the Invoice.
  4. Choose your Operating Currency to be used in Invoices & Receipts for your school.

Personalization to make MYOS remember you:

  1. Sort Columns in various screens as you need. Sorting can be done in ascending order or descending order.
  2. Choose the number of records displayed on any screen, and the setting is remembered for future use.

More Useful Features of MYOS

MYOS Student Management Software solution is ful featured and was built specifically to help automate your day to day student and school management, giving your administration team more time to spend on other school building activities.

Completely browser based
No student number limits or fees
No “powered by” link in your emails
100% encrypted PHP code
Custom fields for personalization

Full system statistics

Runs on our Secure web server

Use our mail server or 3rd party server to send emails

Easily import/export students
Automatic system logging
Built-in CRM functionality
User groups with permissions NEW!

Regural Updates to the Student Registration and Management System
We constantly keep MYOS updated. You can request for new features if you need something for your school, and it is not present in MYOS currently. We will be glad to add it for you.

Send an email to us at info@MindYourOwnSchool.com for a discussion on how this Online School Management System can be used and deployed at your institute, college or school in no time.

Request for a free demo! Simply fill the form on the right side of this page. We will get back to you within a day to arrange a convenient time for the demo!

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