Release Notes for MYOS

Version 5.1

24th October 2012

  • Option to create Credit Notes to offset the Invoices & Receipts
  • Credit Note Summary & Report.
  • Statement of Account View & Report
  • Printing of Attendance Sheet on A4 sized paper, with trainer name, school logo etc.

Version 4.5

3rd March 2012

  • XML Course Calendar added.
  • Color code option enabled for Classes.
  • Color code options enabled for Course Calendar.
  • Invoice update minor decimal value bug fixed.
  • Listings updated for better readability.
  • Daily Collections Report improved layout.
  • Billing Report, Enrollment Report, Instructor Fees Report and Daily Collections Report updated with increased date range options.
  • Enrollment Report updated with increased sorting options.

Version 4.2

28th January 2011

  • Billing Report and Enrollment Report updated with improved layout.
  • Minor bugs on Student listing fixed.
  • Addresses in MYOS now modified to consider State.
  • New companies created from Student update page will now take student’s entered address as their own addresses, as a default.
  • Eliminated visual bug in Students Listing.
  • May now create Invoices/Receipts through Student Listings.
  • Rectified minor page navigation bug.
  • Improved search listing interface.
  • Added search fields to Students and Companies.
  • Rectified bug in System Audit search function.
  • Revamped front page to display according to access rights.
  • Added State field to Settings, Students and Companies.

Version 4.1

22nd January 2011

  • Access Levels (Administrator function) now fully implemented.
  • Minor bug in User Edit fixed.
  • Minor bugs in Attendance/Enrollment fixed.
  • Cosmetic changes in page headers.

Version 4.0

5th January 2011

  • Custom fields now available through School Settings
  • Improved Invoice/Receipt print views
  • Improved student listing loading times
  • Improved Invoice/Receipts settings options available
  • Improved Items listing

Version 3.9

23rd December 2010

  • Data charts available on front page, along with other new alert items.
  • Minor bug on Enrollment Report fixed. (invoices from Companies not showing)
  • Multi-central views now available.
  • Student/company search bugs fixed.

Version 3.8

29th November 2010

  • Home page changed to display alerts and user-friendly MYOS Life Cycle.
  • Student name/no search available for Enrollment and Attendance.
  • Daily Collections Report upgraded with Sort options and Export functionality.
  • Search boxes now expandable.
  • School settings page has been segragated into different sections in preparation for even more user-customizable options.
  • New settings introduced and implemented:
    • Tax label
    • Tax rate
    • Currency symbol
    • Currency Code
  • Enrollment Report fixed.
  • PDF Export function for reports fixed.
  • Directory tab interface now available for most data listings.
  • Search result navigation has been upgraded.
  • Added Report for Instructor Fees.
  • Instructor table – added fields for hourly rates.
  • Validation checks and error messages, site-wide.
  • Added new table for Companies.
  • Invoices and Receipts can now be addressed to Companies (with multiple students) as well as Students.
  • Improvements made to running number sequence of Invoices and Receipts.

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